Commissions for Personal Use

3 slots open at a time!

Head shot 35$ CAD

Half Body 70$ CAD

Full body 100$ CAD

Additional characters will be double!! Backgrounds will also cost more. 10$ for simple textured/one color and 20$ and up for more detailed backgrounds!

If you are interested in a commission, label the email Commission, at this email address:

Need more examples of my work? check it out here! If there is a particular artwork I’ve done in the past that you want me to refer to for your commission, feel free to let me know!

Please give me multiple references of you, character, or what ever you want me to draw and be as specific as possible!

I will not draw:

  • Disrespectful or hateful content.
  • Porn, just no.  I can’t even do it if I try. Its impossible for me.


  • Payment will happen all through Paypal.
  • I will send you an invoice of commission price  after we’ve discussed it.
  • Payment needs to be upfront and I will not start it unless I have received payment.
  • Purchasing Personal Use artwork will grant you the full resolution file and you agree to use for ONLY personal use (non-profit).

Personal Use: You can use it for non profit/non business oriented, you can print it out for yourself, use it as your desktop or phone wallpaper, use it as an icon on social media, post it on social media to show your friends (don’t take credit and say you drew it),  just not to brand your business.

Branding Prices: If you want to be able to use my artwork as icons, banners for Youtube, Twitch or any site for your business for branding purposes, They are to be discussed with me, branding will cost more.

Animation Contracts: They are to be discussed with me via email.